Review: 100% Pure Cosmetics

On request, I’ve done a few swatches of the products that are sold at Pure Tincture, just so you know where to get them. Heh! I know some of you have been on our website, but the colours are pretty hard to tell apart. However do bear in mind, I’m testing these on my arm and I’m relatively fair. The colours vary depending on your own individual lip colour and skin colour for eyeshadows, also for the lipglosses, they tend to not be as dark as they appear. All products are 100% organic, pigments from from fruits, powders like those for blushers are made from rice powder, not even minerals cause sometimes minerals may contain asbestos! So yummy, you can almost eat them! But you do eat them, especially for lip products! hmm… 

1) Lipgloss

L to R: Cosmopolitan, Plum Berry Sheer, Pink Berry, Pomegranate Wine Sheer

100% Pure Lip Gloss Cosmopolitan 100% Pure Lip Gloss Sugar Plum Sheer 100% Pure Lip Gloss Pink Berry 100% Pure Sheer Pomegranate Wine Lip Gloss

As you can see, Cosmo and Plum Berry have those sparkly bits in them, lovely and Plum Berry is slightly darker and more purple, plummish in colour. Cosmo is honestly very sheer and light. Pink Berry is more tawny, brown, but it appears as peachy on your lips and Pomegranate Wine is red but because it’s a lipgloss, it’s not the dark dark red, just darker than the rest, don’t expect the Marilyn Monroe kinda red with this one. Retails for S$27/- @Pure Tincture.

2) Lipglaze 

L to R: Daiquiri, Seduce, Coquette, Sultry

L to R: Watermelon, Fig, Pomegranate, Cabernet

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Seduce100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Coquette100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Sultry100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Watermelon
L to R: Seduce, Coquette, Sultry, Watermelon (rest of colours not on website cause we’re out of stock now, so n/a for people to order online, but stocks are coming in early June.)

The colours are super pretty and I totally love Cabernet! Super chic and classy! The colours are not as matte as they look. Retails for S$29/- @ Pure Tincture.

3) Eyeshadows

L to R: Halo, Fiji, Maui

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge Blush Ballerina Don’t have these exact colours on our website but comes in a small pot like this. I absolutely love the eyeshadows, the colours are all super pretty, all has glitter in them and they’re satin eyeshadows, so they’re cream to powder formula. It’s very easy to apply, good for beginners or “lazy” people, just dip your brush in or you can also use your fingers, for personal use and straightaway place on eyelids. Halo is great for brow bones, inner corner of eyes to brighten eyes. Fiji is orange and gold, which is great for creating that sunkissed, bronzed look. And Maui, my favourite for nighttime looks, it’s a taupe kinda colour, more purple than brown I would think but it has gold glitters! WOW! It’s blends easily cause it’s cream and you don’t need a myraid of colours, just 2 will do, Halo for brow bone and any other colour on the lid. Draw the eyeliner, mascara and ta da, you’re ready to hit town and party! Heh! Tahiti is also available but no tester yet. Retails for $28/- @ Pure Tincture.

4) Blushers

L to R: Peach, Peppermint Candy

These are super colours, they make you look rosy and flushes and pretty, warm glow to your face. Peach is not as dark and brown as it appears. Very orange, bronzed look. So it’s great for darker skin tones and peppermint candy is great for fair skin. They’re very pigmented, a little goes a long way! I can’t do a swatch because they colours just blended into my skin, so hard for camera to capture the true colours. Yes, that’s how good it is, no harsh edges, so no round circles on cheeks. Easily blendable and colour stays on all day. (I started with primer!) Retails for $37/- @ Pure Tincture.

If you wana try the actual colours, do pop by the store at OUB Centre, super convenient, above Raffles Place MRT. You can order online, if colours not available, email me at I’ll reserve it for you cause stocks will come in June. Questions are welcome too. Have fun!


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